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Outdated website designs you should know about.

Web designs keep changing from time to time. Yes, some do repeat, but mostly go out of date. Our mind gets immediately disinterested in a website if we see it has the same old design. So why not use this knowledge to improve your designing style. Have some changes in the aesthetics of the website and the interactivity of the user. To put it in a simple way, what was trendy last year is boring and out of style now. So rather than using them again and again, look for new trends and go for the modern outlook.

Here are some Outdated Website Design trends to give you an idea of what design to use and what design not to use:

  1. Slider bars: Slider bars were very popular back in the day. It gave a chance for the designer to leave some white space but also simultaneously offering information in the same place. But now, the reality of slider bars is coming out. It distracts the users trying to search for information on the website and also slows down the loading speed of the website. In the sliders, either too much is happening or no relevant information is provided there. And sometimes they take too much time to open or open too fast to see anything or the while page hangs all together due to some error. So, they have to be outdated pretty badly.
  2. Video or Audio Autoplay: Imagine checking a website at a public place; say at a doctor’s clinic, and suddenly there is autoplay audio on your website and your phone is at a high volume. Embarrassing, isn’t it? Yes, there are websites that still autoplay audios, videos or even ads, but this needs to stop. Make sure that at least your website doesn’t have this. 
  3. Stock Photos: Gone are the days when unrealistic stock photos with cheesy messages were used. Yes, it can be expensive to create your photos, especially if you have just started the business, but try to use those stock photos which look real, or better even, nowadays our smartphones have better camera quality, so that can be used to click your own photos at a much lower cost. Yes, the stock photos are a trend currently but it’s better to look through them thoroughly and find pictures that can be relatable to some point.
  4. Simplistic designs and outlines of the page: The designs in the old days were too ornamental, to the point that they distracted the viewers. Now it’s better to be minimalist in that approach and keep an elegant design at the same time. People appreciate those designs which are not too much on the face. Especially flat designs. But since flat design blended many things together, a pinch of 3D design helped. Instead of using full-on 3D design and making big buttons and huge gradients, flat design allows 3D techniques to add shadows and thickness to various other designs. It makes a user’s experience much better and easy on their eyes. 
  5. Flat typography: In the era of new, free and easy editing software, it is better to not use stale typography. Instead, make it in a way that is appealing to the eyes. Use your creativity and make a good design. Now even google fonts provide many different designs and they can expand your ideas. And upon that having this many options makes it fun and interesting. But also be cautious about using too many fonts in one place. Again remember to be minimalist, and neat.
  6. Too much scrolling: In times like these, people don’t have all day to go through your website. Instead, they would like to jump directly on the topic. So it’s better to have a separate page that has a proper index of the contents of your website with proper links to them. 

All in all, there are still many outdated designing trends but I just walked you through some important ones. Be aware of these, as it is easy to get caught in them. It will only hinder your progress of the design and make your website look boring and un-inviting. So leave these obstacles behind as you can always try something new and better than this.


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