Nowadays people open a website keeping in mind certain aspects, such as; the information available on the website and the design of the site. What fonts are used, what videos are used and the graphics, everything affects the website and adds to it. Now, it all depends on the fact if your website is friendly, pleasant, and welcoming. Again, keeping up with design trends is necessary for this. Try to remember the websites you have seen in the past year. What was their layout like? Were they appealing? Were they friendly? Keep in mind these questions and analyze how you can design your own website. For a little more information, the following are some designing trends to make your website lively:


  • New content: You need to adopt a new way of writing the content for your website. Everyone is in a hurry nowadays as people have gone mostly digital after the pandemic. People need their desired content quickly and that too in a precise way. So make sure the content you provide on your website should not be too long and heavily filled with too much information. Sometimes in some websites, the information written has too many technical terms which may make it difficult for some of the audience to understand them. So avoid using too many technical terms.
  • Minimalism: The design of the website should be pleasant and fun, but not by making it too crowded. If the page is filled with too much ‘decor’ then it might make the website look stuffy and there will be no space for writing the content. Minimalism usually means how much space is being left on a page. But it doesn’t have to be white space all the way, it can be colourful too, especially if you use light colours. 
  • Fonts & Typeface: Typeface is just another word for Fonts. A typeface is designing different letters or numbers in a specific design. It can be an elaborate work of art or just small designs at the corner of the page. It can be made of a single colour or animation or style. The only thing that matters is that these typefaces should have the emphasis visually and should appeal to the audience. When it comes to fonts, they are like a supporting system to the typeface. With readably big, heavy fonts it’s easier to deliver the message of the website. But you have to make sure that the fonts are visible and do not mix with the background. 
  • Interactive designs: Designs that resonate with the audience and makes their experience on the website more enjoyable are the ones you should go for. Interactive designs have now embedded themselves in the market and they will stay here for a long time. Yes, these designs can be expensive but there are ways you can look after the cost. Look for what appeals to the audience, and how you can make your design connect to them on an emotional level. Usually, illustrations and animation work visually. Maybe use collage too, make mood boards. Explore this more.
  • Blending: One of the most famous designing techniques is to blend pictures with the graphic element. Try to overlap the image on the design, use your creative skills to make it more appealing. How about putting your brand’s logo on the picture? It will help promote your brand further and even keep the audience interested. Look into different types of blending, experiment with different designs. Find your style and you are good to go.


Now that you know some useful tips for making a fun and interactive website; keep in mind to be thoughtful about it. None of this would work without your thought process and your willingness to work. Also, check new trends from time to time, some of the trends are repetitive and you don’t want to repeat them on your website. And if you do, bring your own twist to it.

Published On: March 7th, 2021 / Categories: Website Design /

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