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How to Hire React Developers in 2022: Step by Step Guide for Recruiters

React Developers are high in demand for corporates and businesses. Even with the increasing popularity of JavaScript React developers, Companies face complexity in hiring th perfect candidate.

The market is full of professional and trained programmers but certain parameters are needed to filter and acquire what fulfills a company’s requirements.

According to current statistics,

  • React is the most popular framework of JavaScript. Colossal industries like Uber, Netflix, Instagram, WhatsApp, BBC, Reddit, Twitter, and Airbnb are using this framework. Presently 8000+ industries are accepting this framework.
  • According to the recent Quess report of 2020, there has been a spike in demands for React JavaScript developers. In March 2020, there was an astounding leap of 184% in ReactJS job positions.

So, the demand and need for React Developer is rising manifold over consecutive years. Hence, Companies need to inspect various attributes, characteristics, skills, and knowledge for hiring app developers.

This may seem tedious, but we are here to simplify this task. Below is a step-by-step guide for hiring your next developer effectively.

Who is a React Developer?

React Developers are skillful technical professionals having expertise in creating UI designs and components for enhancing an application. They create sturdy applications with their framework, testing, and managers. They are responsible for uplifting the overall user interface experience. They make an application or feature seamless and flawless.

React Developers are experts in coding languages like HTML, CSS, TypeScript, C#, SASS, LESS, etc. They create stunning graphics for the look and feel of an app.

React Developers need to update and hone their skills with changing market demands for fitting into the corporate world.

Skills To find in a React Developer

There are certain green flags you need to identify in a React Developer. These skills and abilities are prerequisites to qualify as a capable react developer.

  1. HTML+CSS: A react developer must have strong expertise in HTML ad CSS coding languages for designing a high-quality user interface. He should be able to write and understand HTML tags, CSS selectors, and flexbox systems. He should know how to implement CSS reset as well.


  1. JAVASCRIPT+ES6: React Developer frameworks are most commonly associated with a javascript language. React Developers, therefore, need to have in-depth knowledge of JavaScript fundamentals for creating ideal frameworks ES6 is an added basic skill. ES6 also called ECMA Script is an upgraded version of javascript with more features and functions.
  1. GIT: This skill is used for storing projects and tracking application progress. A react developer needs to save and upload his programming on solutions like GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab. He should also know concepts of merging strategies, branching and managing merge conflicts.

Note that the degree of skills varies from experience and level of developer. A judge on relevant skills and your business requirements.

Types of React Developers

  1. Freelancers: These developers work outsource their skills for a specific project and small-scale collaboration. They are hired on a short-term basis with a salary based on mutual bidding.


  1. Full-Time Developers: These developers are hired for a long-term basis on a contractual basis. They manage heavy projects for the company over years.


  1. Remote developers: These developers work remotely from their homes without arriving on office premises, they also can’t be bound into a contract.


How to Hire React developers: step-by-step

Create a researched Job Description.

Businesses need to curate an In-depth job description for compassing the right candidates for our company. The description should contain:

  • Company details and overview
  • Key roles and responsibilities in brief
  • Educational qualifications are required.
  • Specific skills and expertise required to be shortlisted
  • Expectations from developers and job requirements.
  • Company’s ethics, visions, and values.
  • Any extra criteria

Any developer applying for the role should be able to identify your objectives, and expectations through this job description.

Prepare a mock interview test

Plan and prepare questions for the interview test. Embed necessary probing questions of all genres. Your interview should aim at finding

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Time management skills
  • Confidence and self-esteem
  • Technical skills and field knowledge
  • Company Information and homework check
  • Communication skills
  • English Grammar and Spelling skills.
  • Problem-solving, conflict management, and deadline resolution skills.

The interview will give insights into the developer’s overall personality.

 Screening and Portfolio review

Filter the resumes base on the soft and technical skills mentioned above. Also, prefer well-structured resumes. Look for this checklist and highlight distinct qualities:

  • Headline
  • Objective and Personal Description
  • Education Details
  • Work experience, Self Ventures, and projects. Look for attachment links.
  • Personal Information

These pointers will lead to the successful screening of the most suitable resumes.

 Shortlist and Onboard

The next step is to handpick the best developers from the selected resumes. Based on the highest scores, reach out to the developers and welcome them to the team.

Now, you need to ensure a smooth onboarding process for the candidates.

  • Start by sending them a Welcome Package. This provokes a zeal in new on boarders.
  • Complete all paperwork and legal compilations. Assist them in any form filling.
  • Employ them with your company’s interface tools, software, and limited access for their area of work
  • Place them under a senior developer for guidance as they explore the work environment. The senior adds him to the various teams for building a network.
  • Signify your company’s visions, and culture through past videos and achievements.

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Hiring Process

  1. Speeding up the recruitment process. Haste makes waste. All the steps need to be done with proper concentration and regular inspection. Make sure to verify all details of your candidate multiple times.
  1. Hiring Developers entirely based on resumes. Resumes can be fabricated at some percentage. A physical or Virtual interview is quintessential for the true image. Evaluate experience tests.
  2. Don’t ask candidates to perform on-the-spot tasks. It puts undue pressure and creates a bad company image.

From where to Hire React Developers?

You can post these job requirements as advertisements or as jobs on platforms like Naukri.com, Internshala, Indeed.com, and other online job portals to increase your reach.

You can also post vacancies on social media platforms. Instagram posts, Facebook ads, LinkedIn job profiles, Twitter, etc are popular ways to target potential candidates.

Freelancer websites such as Upwork, Toptal, etc are the hub of talented and qualified freelance professionals. You can easily find and hire freelancers for immediate short-term projects at low costs. You can view the freelancer’s success score.

Winding Up

The demand and presence of ReactJS developers are booming in the market. Where there are authentic developers, there also exist unskilled or blacklisted developers. Thus, it’s crucial to have a thorough idea about who, what, why, and how you are hiring.

Always abide by the steps of screening and track your developer’s progress. Remember all important tips and avoid common mistakes

Don’t miss any factors on the checklist. Take valuable experiences into account and do in-depth research on the candidate’s capability. If you see him as an asset to your business, only then he is the right react developer.

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