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WordPress Developer Job Profile: Skills, Roles And Responsibilities

WordPress is an open, free+ paid online PHP Content Management system that provides templates and tools for website building, designing, and development. 60 million websites use WordPress applications worldwide, this number speaks for itself for its popularity among developers. It is very convenient to use and contains a variety of plug-ins and functions to facilitate developers with every block of building a website.

The main advantage of WordPress is that it reduces the hassle of hardcore coding. The codes are pre-embedded and can be modified easily. A WordPress Developer is a website architect with good proficiency and knowledge about using every utility of WordPress to its best to create premium quality websites for clients and updating t regularly. The popularity of WordPress has led to an increase in demand for prominent WordPress experts in the Tech Market.



If you are looking for a WordPress developer, you are probably a business, organization, start-up, tech company, or entrepreneur. We know that WordPress is crafted with simplicity and non-technical developers can learn and use it without complications. So why do you need to spend extra for a WordPress specialist?

WordPress is not limited to just creating attractive designs, embedding content, and changing settings. A WordPress developer having proper certification and skills handles a wider range of functions. He/she builds new themes, plugins, and blocks for enhancing the website. They also test and troubleshoot the website for any errors. A WordPress developer has some basic technical knowledge for front-end and back-end development of the website. Thus, it’s preferable to hire a WordPress Developer for building a full-fledged website on this platform.



A WordPress developer has a well-structured job profile that is created to analyze prospective candidates. A WordPress developer has both front and back-end responsibilities. He should have technical skills as well as a creative eye for the visualization of the website. The everyday tasks of a WordPress developer include building and maintaining websites on WordPress, working on drafts, customizing plugins and themes, etc. It may also require performing SEO within code for increasing website traffic.

Apart from work skills, the candidate must possess interpersonal skills to coordinate with clients and understand their requirements.

A WordPress developer works overall in these main areas:
  • Website preparation as per client need
  • Template and plugin customization
  • Migration of website
  • Legal and security compliance
  • Update and Maintenance through WordPress



You need to draft a detailed WordPress developer job description that includes all the necessary information that a candidate must know and possess and what you need to check during recruitment. It contains the overall Skills, Requirements, Qualifications, Roles, and Responsibilities of a WordPress developer.

The job description should be transparent and no necessary element should be left out. It should give a clear vision of an ideal WordPress developer. We have listed down the necessary skills, responsibilities, and requirements to evaluate your next WordPress developer candidate.



A competent WordPress developer has a dynamic skill set. Both front-end and back-end skills are essential for WordPress developers.

Here are some skills which cannot be compromised in a WordPress developer:
  1. HTML

Html is a basic coding language that every developer must know for front-end development. Though WordPress users don’t have to write entire code from scratch, SEO optimization of HTML tags is vital for successful WordPress website development.

  1. PHP

PHP( Hypertext pre-processor) is the base of WordPress, so it’s needless to say that a WordPress developer must have inside-out knowledge of this, regardless of the position or role. It is used to link the database with the user interface while building any website on WordPress.

  1. CSS

CSS is used for designing and enhancing the visual outlook of a website, which is very important. Thus, CSS is a non-negotiable WordPress developer skill. It is compulsory for front-end developers and a bonus skill for back-end developers.

  1. JAVA Script

JavaScript can be said as the binding force or nucleus of web development. It enables the formation of interactive and dynamic websites with its multifunction libraries like React JS. Therefore, WordPress developers must be literate in Java script.

  1. SQL

SQL(Structured Query Language) is used for storing and manipulating data and communicating with relational databases. It is a mandatory skill for back-end WordPress developers and preferred for front-end developers.


Obviously, the candidate must be a pro of the WordPress platform and its wide range of functions. These include customizing themes, installing plugins, content creation, and performance stabilization.


In addition to the INTERPERSONAL above technical skills, a WordPress developer needs to have certain soft skills such as:

  • Ability to understand and communicate with clients.
  • Resonate with client’s needs and expectations
  • Coordination skills with back-end developers and other software team members
  • Conflict management techniques



The responsibilities of a WordPress developer may differ from one work to another but the role is Always based upon some of the typical presumptions like coding, being able to work on both the front and the back end, being able to regulate the firm’s website, being able to deal with technicalities of CMS.

Some of the major responsibilities of a WordPress developer are as follows:-

  • Regulating a website that is easily accessible and free of errors as well.
  • Being able to transform and bring trending changes to the website
  • Ability to craft the architecture of the website
  • Communicating and interacting with clients to have a clear viewpoint of the project
  • Being able to sustain CMS for Effective performances
  • Front-end development of the website
  • Coordinating with the back end and the architecture of the website
  • Maintaining the cost of WordPress development efficiently
  • Creating themes as well as plugins for WordPress
  • Directing the tests like that of performance as well as troubleshooting.
  • Commanding training in WordPress
  • Supervising the website’s live performance tracking.
  • Certifying not only the deadline of the project but also defining the budget.
  • Setting up and sustaining intranets, websites, custom programs, and applications
  • Dispensing tests descriptions of websites performance
  • Exploring and updating WordPress websites according to trends as well as industry standards
  • Being able to maintain security and standards of compliance.



We have already learned the skills of WordPress developers. There are various prerequisites and qualifications which count in an ideal WordPress candidate.

Here is a checklist of fundamental requirements in the WordPress job description:

  • Knowledge and competence in HTML, Java, CSS, PHP, etc.
  • User interface building experience and past projects.
  • Experience in creating and developing reactive web applications.
  • Awareness of Firebug and Chrome Inspector tools
  • The ability to visualize browser views with a creative lens.
  • Know-how on converting layouts and wireframes into HTML webpages.
  • Acquainted with basic REST APIS and XML/ JSON
  • GIT awareness for code conversion
  • UG or PG degree in Computer science, Information technology, BTech, software engineering, etc
  • Preferred field experience in the industry.

These points are required to look for in a qualified WordPress developer, but front-end, core coding development skills can be overlooked if the candidate is willing to pursue them in the future. Emphasis should be on the presence of non-negotiable skills.



WordPress Development is rising as a wanted and lucrative skill in the IT industry. WordPress platform has many skilled and unskilled users. To hire the best candidate, you need to perform proper screening and analysis based on the job description. If the job profile dittos from the candidate’s profile, you can go forward.

Remember that only knowing WordPress basics are not adequate, there goes a lot of fronts and back-end mind map in successfully establishing a WordPress website. Therefore, hire a qualified and experienced WordPress developer for a higher success rate.

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