Hire India’s remote tech talent

Helping companies to hire tech talent 10X quicker and more efficiently.
A pool of 50,000+ tech talents from India, pre-vetted against their technical abilities, communication and behavioural skills.

Build your remote engineering team in India

Access to India’s largest tech talent network of  50,000+ strong top, pre-vetted tech talent. From India, for the world.

Hire Remote Software Developers in India

Don’t restrict your talent search to your zip code only. Talent is worldwide and especially in India. We offer world-class remote developers, programmers, designers, and engineers to build your remote engineering team.

Why are Indians the first choice for technology giants around the globe?

India is full of talented people already shaping the world. The world’s largest tech giants are currently led by Indians.

Highly Dedicated

Indians are more dynamic and committed to their work than their foreign peers.

Add value

Indians give their 100% and believe in adding value to the company they work for.


Indians get emotionally connected to the company and its place and are likely to stick around with a company longer than others.


Indians are helpful and help people around because it is something that is deeply rooted in their sentiments and morals.


Need tech talent? Hire now.

Koolkoders is where tech giants come to hire pre-vetted tech talent. You can hire from a large network of local as well as remote developers from India.

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