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A network of tech professionals vetted as per international standards for the companies around the globe.

Vetting procedure of KoolKoders

Our HR team has a rigorous sourcing and vetting process, Over 10,000 talents apply every month, but only 5% make it to the KoolKoders network.

Profile Screening & Shortlisting

We scan many applications against our minimum criteria, review candidates’ professional journeys, and do holistic background checks.

Language Proficiency- Only 35.4% Pass

Shortlisted candidates go through an AI-powered communication assessment that tests a candidate’s reading, writing, pronunciation, clarity, fluency, and rate of speech.

Aptitude Evaluation- Only 26.2% Qualify

We conduct a scientifically designed aptitude test to check the reasoning and problem-solving capability of shortlisted candidates.

Technical Assessment - Only 10% Clears

We have curated one of the most evolved technical assessments to vet talent’s abilities, these are role-based extremely rigorous tests which screen the top 10% of talents.

Panel Interview - Finally, 5% Crack it!

Our Talent Acquisition specialists conduct the final video interview to understand the candidate’s choices and expectations to do the right matchmaking.

Need tech talent? Hire now.

Koolkoders is where tech giants come to hire pre-vetted tech talent. You can hire from a large network of local as well as remote developers from India.

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