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Angular Developers: Skills, Roles, & Responsibilities

Angular Developers are Angular software engineering specialists who are experienced in JavaScript programming. For being a successful Angular developer, one must possess all-rounder skills. Along with JavaScript knowledge, angular Developers are also experts in designing SPAs ( Single Page applications). Thus, they are responsible for the visual and audio elements of any website that a user sees.

Angular JavaScript is an edge above regular JavaScript frameworks. It requires a developer to follow a set of guidelines and principles to produce maximum out of the framework and create efficient and robust web applications. This is called “ The Angular Approach”.

Being an excellent JavaScript coder is insufficient in this field. Developers need to have in-depth knowledge of Angular JS. The demand for Angular developers is always very high. Finding an authentic Angular Developer can be very brainstorming. If you seek out for angular developer with a simple job description of regular JavaScript, you will be flooded with unsuitable applicants and you might end up hiring the wrong candidate. You need to go that extra mile.

Luckily, to avoid any loopholes or dead ends, we have curated a list of skills, roles, and responsibilities you must identify and specify while looking for an Angular developer.


Skills of Angular Developer

These are the skills you must find in an angular developer.

  1. NPM

Node Package Manager(NPM) is the primary package manager for the JavaScript platform. It is basically used to install, publish, discover and develop node programs. Angular developers with sound knowledge of npm will update your application as it grows and manage dependencies. They can install various additional packages too through npm.


  1. HTML and CSS

HTML and CSS are basic coding languages used to create elegant and functional applications.

These two are pivotal skills for an Angular Developer.

Angular paves the way for building an app rapidly. It depends on the developer’s HTML and CSS command to render this app in a browser and create a fast and functional application.

A developer with these skills will provide you with customized services.


  1. Angular CLI

CLI(Command Line Interface) enables angular developers to create new applications using optimum templates and practices. It accelerates the updating process through its preconfigured configurations which break down the code into simple fragments. It is also cost-effective, making it a popular and beneficial option for small companies who desire quick results without hiring multiple developers.


  1. Git

Git is a dynamic tool that helps you to keep track of your projects. It gives you real-time notifications of the changes made to the code. It tells you if something is deleted or modified as different domains work simultaneously on complex projects. It does not require any extra software download. It can be downloaded directly through their website inclusive of source control.


  1. Testing and Debugging

You need your app to be free of errors and bugs to run smoothly. An angular developer must have a deep program understanding and the ability to read code with accuracy. He must pinpoint problem areas before they take a toll on the application. Various tests can be performed to find measure app performance.


  1. RxJS

RxJS helps the developers to handle a huge amount of data. It is ideal to use where you don’t want synchronization and your code to be crowded by any back-end details.


  1. Responsive Design

An application has a responsive design when it operates seamlessly regardless of the device. The digital age is full of multi-nature devices like tablets, iPad, smartphones, laptops, etc. An angular developer must know to develop responsive designs so that the user interface is smooth across all devices and it exhibits various screen sizes. This will extend your application usage to a wide audience.


Responsibilities of an Angular Developer

These are the main responsibilities of an Angular Developer you must mention in a job description:

  • Building modules that are centered, sustainable and testable
  • Communicating and coordinating with a back-end developer.
  • Ensuring high performance across various devices.
  • Creating a clear dependency chain
  • Writing non-blocking code as well as leveraging the use of advanced tools such as multi-threading
  • High command of HTML and CSS
  • NodeJS and ReactJS understanding.


Job Roles of An Angular Developer

Job roles specify what a job demands from a candidate. It is important to let the potential applicants know the expectations of the company and job profile clearly. You Job Profile roles must align with the skills of a candidate.

  • Creating an innovative and strong user interface using Angular JS.
  • Work in collaboration with back-end coders.
  • Testing and debugging the system for flawless application
  • Developing user-friendly responsive and interactive applications
  • Providing customization with HTML and CSS functions.

The Job Roles and Responsibilities of an angular Developer differ individually based on their experience, employment period, etc.



Angular Developers are all-rounder application creators who possess advanced IT skills like HTML, CSS, GIT, Npm, etc. They are responsible for developing appealing applications supporting all device usage. They perform start-to-end roles from formation to testing to debugging.

To find an ideal Angular Developer, it is crucial to know their distinct roles and responsibilities. This will ensure successful recruitment and goal accomplishment.

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